Are You Premier?

I don’t know about you, but I get sick of people and businesses claiming to be the Premier whatever in the region. What a load of crap! The dictionary definition of “premier” is “first in importance, order, or position; leading.” (according to Google) But unless your the premier of China or some other country or region where you were either elected or appointed to be the Premier, then there is generally no substance to the claim. This is really common in the music industry where every local rock band claims to be the premier rock band in the tri-county region (or some similar nonsense). So if your business claims to be the Premier Florist in all of Allegheny County, there’s really nobody to dispute it. A claim such as that would be better replaced with the Best Florist in Allegheny County or the First Florist inĀ  Allegheny County. The problem here is that there’s really nobody who determines the Premier anything of anywhere, so people just claim it with little or no substantiation. There’s really no authority that bestows the title of Premier on anyone.


Now you can get a certificate of Premier-ship. That’s right a bonafide legit digital certificate, suitable for printing and framing. The clever minds at You Are Premier will evaluate your claim and, if found to be legit, will assign you the official title of Premier. They will send you a certificate and then you can brag to your heart’s content about how Premier you really are.

An Invaluable Service

Clearly being a legit Premier in your region is very valuable. Who could deny your right to brag? You can use the term in all your advertising and marketing. Clearly a great value at any price.

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